My name is Pam. I’m based in Monson, Massachusetts and spend lots of time in the North Country of New Hampshire. I’m married with two boys, ages 11 and 16 and two angelic dogs, McFly and Gracie Lou.

I worked as an accountant, started a family, got the house, nice car, good job.  I checked all the boxes. I was really good at checking all the boxes.

And then I hit a wall. I was depressed. My anxiety was unmanageable.  I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. I had everything I wanted, yet I was completely miserable.

We made some changes as a family, beginning with a move back to my hometown, into my childhood home, located on a 200 year old farm property my grandparents purchased in the 1960’s. My brother has recently breathed new life into the land by opening a beautiful Christmas tree farm.

Here I stand, 44 years old, living a life pretty similar to the life I led as a 10 year old girl – making things, walking in the woods and hanging out with my family. I’ve never been more content.

That move was what started a years long healing process for me. I went deep and I let go. I’ve learned who I am.

And I love writing about that.

I love living in New England.
My family.
Old stuff – cars, houses, anything. I especially love walking into a place that feels like a time warp.

And I really, really love the truth.

I write a daily journal here. The goal is to ground myself. To be intentional. To look for and capture some beauty in my day. To live an artist’s life. Which is what I always was. An artist.