Hi there. I’m Pam. Nice to meet you.

I started this blog in 2017 and I’ve posted here in waves – in 2017 when I had just found writing, in 2019 after my dad died, and in 2021 when I committed to writing a daily journal for five months. In between, I’d post here and there whenever I felt I had something to say. It’s a gift to be able to look back and see where I was then, and how I’ve grown and shifted. I’m glad I have this record.

Who am I? I live in a small town in Massachusetts. I have a husband, two teenage boys and two dogs. I work part-time at my brother’s farm maintaining his gift shop. I used to be an accountant.

Who am I? I’m devoted to becoming the truest version of myself. I’m stepping into a life that feels more like me, as an artist/creator/maker. I never seem to have a good answer to the inevitable What do you do? question. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I draw or doodle. Sometimes I sew or paint. Whatever I make, I make for me. I make to heal.

I also recently found out I’m autistic. I wrote about my life and how I came to that realization here – https://pammooregainer.com/2022/06/16/finding-whats-true/

I’ve always had a hard time seeing myself as I am. That’s what writing and sharing help me do. It’s like holding up a mirror and watching as a reflection begins to appear. So, I suppose that’s what you’ll find here. Me, attempting to see, and trying to answer that question – Who am I?

Thanks for being here.