I have to be honest here, as I always am. I am really thinking about what I’m doing here writing this blog on a daily basis. Am I sharing too much? Why am I doing this? Is it good for me to write about things while they’re happening, or do I need some time and perspective? Is this boring for the reader? Is it becoming just another todo in my day? Am I over thinking this all?

I would love your thoughts. If you are one of my readers out there (thank you!), what is it about what I write that you like, that you look forward to? I feel I’m all over the place a bit. That’s just how I roll. But I really would love to hear your thoughts on this daily practice of mine. It will help me a great deal in focusing what I write about in the future.

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Thanks for reading today’s entry in my daily blog.  My goal here is to practice noticing. I try to write about small things and I try to keep it light. Sometimes I write about creativity or healing. And sometimes I write about my dogs or what I cooked for dinner. Writing daily here is a way for me to shine a light back on my life and help me see.

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9 thoughts on “Questioning

  1. Love hearing from you everyday. It’s a link to you all in Monson. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  2. Love hearing from you everyday. It’s a link to you all in Monson. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  3. I too am curious about this. I write every week but I make connections through comments every day, and I ask myself why I’m doing this as well. Is there a reason to grow my blog? I have so many things to think about. Anyway, thanks for this post!


  4. I imagine I would question it too because it must feel very one sided most days.
    I enjoy your posts because I am similar. I have many many thoughts and insights and want to share them too.
    I started a blog many years ago, but I couldn’t get it to stick. My personality is one where I can keep up a habit for a while and then it will drop into oblivion. Sounds like my past gym membership and workout routines!
    You inspire me to want to write more.
    I am big on being transparent, being real, being true to yourself….and you do just that.
    I will admit that I don’t get to read each day. Many times I read it directly from the email. Because like I said, I struggle with making a habit…(brushing my teeth doesn’t count, I do do that, don’t worry.)
    Just know that your words and insight will always bless someone else.
    I guess the question is, is writing daily helping you?
    If that is a yes, then keep it going!
    If it’s a no, then maybe take a step back and determine what you liked and what you didn’t and go from there.
    If it’s a maybe, then see if it would help you to post less times…maybe journal all week and pick one or two of your favorites.
    Either way you answer is genuine. Personal growth is a beautiful journey. You are a beautiful soul, Pam.


    1. Thank you so much Janis – so helpful. I’m finding that knowing I am going to have to write something at the end of each day helps me stay more focused and grounded during the day – that’s the big blessing.


  5. I love reading your blog, Pam. Your writing on codependency was especially moving. I’ve thought of that piece again and again. I love reading about the connections you make and what you’re noticing. I get the sense your practice is evolving, building, and gaining momentum right now. I’m curious what you will notice and explore next as a writer.

    Your post today reminds me of two quotes from Julia Cameron.

    “Remember that it is my job to do the work, not judge the work.”

    “Creator, I will take care of the quantity. You take care of the quality.”

    I’m looking forward to seeing what direction you will head in. If this feels right for you, I hope you’ll keep going! ❤️


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