The Art of Letting Go

Your body is tired. Your mind is tired. It’s been ages since they were at peace.
Were they ever?

Your soul is awake and full of light. I’ve been here waiting. Speaking, drowned out by the noise. You heard me. I know this because of all those times. Those times you heard me beyond the noise. Sometimes I was screaming because I saw you hurting. I saw your exhausted body and worn out mind. They worked so hard for you.

The waves were crashing and foaming. Roaring.
Now they’re rolling, light and peaceful.
I’m here. In the deep water.

You’ve worked hard to let go of all that weight. That loud, intense noise. You committed to that, even when you didn’t know. You showed up because you knew.

The masks, you let go.
The doing just one more thing, you let go.
You kept letting go.

And then you broke open. The light, the warmth, the kindness exposed to the sun.
And when you were broken open, right there, you saw that light in all the others. Beyond their bodies and minds.

And that was the only thing. Ever.
You will never turn back.


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