You are here, now.

You closed the door. You turned on the music. You lit the candle. You placed that soft, heavy blanket over your lap. You are here, now.

Remember where you’ve been, but only to help you appreciate this place you are now.

Dream about where you’re going, but only to feel excited for the possibilities.

Your life is here, in this moment.

Wake up, drink your coffee, and try to remember how blessed you are. Think of all the amazing, perfectly imperfect people in your life. Look out the window and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the woods. Look up at the ceiling- above it there’s a roof that shelters you. Around the corner in your refrigerator there’s food for you to eat. And down the street there’s an ATM that spits out cash when you need it. Your family sleeps upstairs and they are healthy and kind. Grateful.

Try to remember how blessed you are. Try. Some days you will forget. And my dear, that’s okay. You can always come back.

Come back to the quiet. And listen. Every day. What are you going to do right now that wakes up your soul? What do you have to let go to make room for that? Take it moment by moment.

Appreciate that it takes a lot of time to do all the things you do for your family. You have a family to take care of – thank you! They take care of you too.

When its quiet, you know the time exists for you to create. Stay quiet so you can see it. Take care of your body and your mind. Your soul needs you to take care of your self because she comes alive when you create. And when your soul comes alive, you are open and free and full of light.

Don’t think about it. In that moment, simply look around and do something. Take action because that’s the only way. The same way a 5 year old child runs around the playground with excitement and wonder, trying everything. That’s you.

Fall in love with being a beginner.

Be patient. Because one day you will look back at this long, winding path and realize everything happened for a reason. And it all had to happen to bring you where you were meant to be. And it’s all beautiful.

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