Motor Mind

This is for the over-thinkers.

You know when you’re driving and you can feel and hear your engine revving at the top of one of the gears, and then it shifts and it’s like your car says, ahhhhhh. That’s your mind.

Your mind wants to stay in a over-thinking motor-running mode. And it’ll convince you that this is just how this all works. YOU are the one that has to shut this down. YOU shift gears.

YOU are not your mind.

“Thank you motor mind who overthinks about everything. I know you’re trying to help but this really isn’t working for me. I’ve got it from here.”

Take a walk, clean your kitchen sink, cook a meal, pull some weeds. Pick an activity that uses your body. Then, watch your mind as it shifts gears.

There YOU are. Welcome back.

One thought on “Motor Mind

  1. So grateful that I know how to standard shift and always stay in the low gears!!! I wish that for everyone as you do!!!


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