Saturday, January 2, 2021

This morning, I watched the movie On the Rocks with Rashida Jones and Bill Murray. Then I watched Groundhog Day. How could I not?

McFly is on the mend. It’s not Lyme. He’s a sensitive guy and we suspect he’s just feeling sore from Tuesday’s rabies shot in his hip.

I went down a Twitter rabbit hole, which always ends in Christian having to listen to me read tweets and say very smart things like “Can you even believe it?” and “What the hell is even going on?” When his eyes start saying, dear God make it stop, I know it is, in fact, time to stop.

This past fall, I put one of those plastic adirondack chairs in the woods behind my house. Today was a sit in the chair in the woods kind of day. The wind shifts as it comes up over the hill. Shadows dance on swaying tree trunks. Squirrels run through the leaves. Magic.

I came inside and laid down on the living room floor with Gracie Lou. When she looks down on you, her ears flop onto your face.

Life is just so everything, all at once.

At the grocery store, I noticed the paper towel/toilet paper aisle was fully stocked. Things are looking up.

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