Monday, January 11, 2021

The news is so bad. It’s so very bad. We’re witnessing a failure of two branches of our government. We are in the midst of the worst of the pandemic. I don’t know who to be more angry with. But I don’t let myself get angry. I’ve seen what anger does.

We’ve lost our way. There’s so much that we’ve forgotten.

But the days carry on. We go to work. We go to school. We shop at the grocery store. We put gas in the car. We talk about the weather.

My nephew Thomas got his braces.

Wes complained about doing his spelling homework.

The four of us sat and ate dinner together while Gracie Lou sat waiting for scraps.

Today carried on.

I’m hopeful that we’ll find our way.
But, it’s not about finding our way back.
We have to build a whole new way.

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