Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I had a nice conversation with the cashier at the grocery store this morning. I was buying quark. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until last week. It’s like yogurt but not tart. She had learned about it as an exchange student in Norway and told me a bunch of different ways she’s seen it eaten.
I cannot wait to be able to travel again

Wes and I stopped at the coffee shop specifically to pick up one of their giant peanut butter cup cookies. They didn’t have any. It was very sad.

Christian is gone for work and I’m not cooking dinner. Charlie asked what we were having and I told him to just cook up the frozen pizza. It was like he won the lottery. (I’m a good cook, by the way.)

Tomorrow marks two weeks since I started this daily journal. It already has been a gift in so many ways.
I’ve been a hider for most of my life. I’ve always yearned to express myself, but never could.
I will never take for granted the simple act of making something that comes from inside of me and putting it out into the world.
Thank you for being here.❤️

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