Thursday, February 4, 2021

I really like getting up early. I like the quiet time in the house before anyone else wakes up. But, I’m on the 3am-4am wake up schedule again and I can’t shake it. And then I’m in bed at 8pm and the cycle continues. So as I write this I am sleepy. Very sleepy.

I had a surprise phone call from a friend. We laughed. And laughed some more. Crazy!

Ordered some new merchandise for the farm store. I didn’t see my mouse friend.

Wes got a birthday gift from his Auntie Susan in the mail. A life size cardboard llama. I tried to get Gracie to take a pic with it but she wouldn’t go near it.

I read this today:
When we feel we are sharing our unique gifts with others we feel useful, appreciated, validated, and meaningful. Think about what you feel you are best at, what you enjoy the most, and how you can put those things together to participate in a cause that matters to you.
Dr. Mark Hyman

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