Tuesday, February 9, 2021

It was one year ago today that I fell snowboarding and dislocated my elbow. Did you know it takes a really long time for a dislocation to heal? I didn’t until it happened to me. My arm is still healing.

I spent the day cleaning the basement of a 160 year old house. Spiderwebs. Sick. Gross. Ew.

A friend posted on Facebook that her 75 year old dad had an appointment for his first Covid vaccine shot today. He waited outside in the cold for 1.5 hours and then inside for another 2 hours before he got it. So upsetting.

Christian’s parents have a set of photos of Charlie we had done at Target back before he could walk. Now he’s sixteen and that Target photo session seems like a lifetime ago. I got to thinking as a vacuumed up cobwebs, as one does. I got to thinking about parenting and how I hope when my kids are adults they can cut me some slack for some of my less than ideal strategies. That they won’t be too hard on me. I think I’ve done okay, but sometimes you just have a blind spot. Or ten. And then I heard a voice. (This seems to be a theme on my posts recently – lots of hearing voices and lots of talking to myself.) And it said, Pam, they won’t be too hard on you if you aren’t too hard on them. They’ll cut you some slack, if you cut them some slack. They’ll accept you’re human and make mistakes, if you as a parent accept they are humans who make mistakes. And that felt right and true. And I felt good.

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