Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Lately, after dinner, Charlie asks me in the most teenage boy way possible, “You going to do your daily BLOG?” And I say “Yes, I am.” Tonight he added, “What are you gonna write in your daily BLOG?” And I thought about it for a bit, “Well, maybe I’ll write about today when I went to the dentist. I sat down in the dentist’s chair, with my legs out in front of me. I noticed that since I was wearing slightly cropped pants, you could see about halfway up to my knee. And then I remembered, shit, I haven’t shaved my legs in quite some time. So maybe I’ll write about that.” It is really one of my favorite pastimes, making my kid feel disgust.

Yesterday, I mentioned Gracie Lou’s bump above her eye. In a strange coincidence, this morning we realized it had popped sometime in the night. She’s fine. And McFly is such a good big brother, he has been cleaning her up all day.

My nephew Thomas, who lives next door, has a little two seater go cart and drives it all over between our houses and the farm. Today I was sitting eating my dinner and I heard the motor and looked up just in time to watch him fly by our two front windows, blonde hair blowing in the wind.

I checked in some masks we bought to sell this spring at the farm. I still don’t know how I feel about them. I think they’re fun but sometimes what I think is fun, does not equate to a good selling item. There are three options – dog, cat and bunny. I had to test one out. Tomorrow I test it in public.

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