Downs and Ups

Yesterday Christian had four cords of wood delivered to the house. We have multiple giant piles of wood on our lawn. He’s been prepping the shed area where we pile store it. The old wood has to come out to make room for the new wood to dry out. We didn’t burn as much wood as we normally do because we replaced our 50 year old exterior doors with brand spanking new ones last fall. No more drafty living room!

Wesley hung out with an old friend today. They hadn’t seen each other for quite a few months. They’ve been buddies since kindergarten. It’s pretty cool.

Charlie is still doing his on road driving lessons with the driving school, another lesson today. He’s on track to get his license in another month or so. I have a month to prepare for that day.

I had one of those days where I kept busy, but can’t freakin’ remember what I did. Weird.

Our little Artist Way group just keeps on chugging along. We are on week 9, which is really wild. The support in the group has been amazing. The book brings up so much, and then to be able to share with others going through similar stuff – it has been a huge blessing!

I’ve been thinking about this blog, I’m always thinking about it! It’s helping me, but I hope in some way it’s helping you too. In my experience, a lot of what I read out there makes it seem like there’s a final destination in healing. There isn’t. There’s not pot of gold that makes life easy and happy all the time. I hope you see the ups and downs of an ordinary life here, in these words. And maybe when you have a down in your own life, these words make it feel a little bit more manageable.

Have a beautiful day, my friend. Thank you for reading.

Thanks for reading today’s entry in my daily blog.  My goal here is to practice noticing. I try to write about small things and I try to keep it light. Sometimes I write about creativity or healing. And sometimes I write about my dogs or what I cooked for dinner. Writing daily here is a way for me to shine a light back on my life and help me see.

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