Spring day.

There is something about a beautiful spring day, isn’t there? It feels like possibility.

Wes had baseball practice this morning so I took the opportunity to visit the library. I got to say hi to my friend, who just happens to be our town’s youth services librarian. And then I walked down into town for a bit and picked up an iced matcha latte with oat milk. (I’ve only recently discovered matcha and wondering why nobody told me about this delicious beverage!?) And then I walked back up to the library, sat outside on their patio and did some writing/staring off into space.

The afternoon was a bit of a blur but I did decide to start a little fire on our patio at about 4:00. My brother and Laura and the boys came over and hung out. It was a nice little end to the day.

I read this today:
Great people do things before they’re ready. They do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you’re afraid of, getting our of your comfort zone, taking risks like that – that’s what life is. You might find out something about yourself that’s really special. If you’re not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself.
-Amy Poehler

Thanks for reading today’s entry in my daily blog.  My goal here is to practice noticing. I try to write about small things and I try to keep it light. Sometimes I write about creativity or healing. And sometimes I write about my dogs or what I cooked for dinner. Writing daily here is a way for me to shine a light back on my life and help me see.

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