Hi there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading. This blog is crazy and scary and fun for me. I’ve been feeling a shift during these last few days, so please bear with me. Things might start to look a little different around here.


She’s all New England.
She’s a laborer.
She doesn’t carry a purse.
She’s lean and strong.
She doesn’t read fashion magazines.
She’s low maintenance.
She sometimes wears a fanny pack.
She loves all kinds of music and plays it all day long.
She’s a force.
She has a tender heart and she shows it freely, but only to those who respect it.
She earns respect.
She doesn’t wear a watch.
She’s never late.
She drives an old truck.
She doesn’t care what her kitchen countertops are made of.
She gives and gives and gives without expectation.
She’s a little rough, a little dirty and always looks a little out of sorts.
She never asks anyone what she should do.
She asks for help.
She spends time alone in a cabin in the woods.
She connects deeply to her people. She cherishes them.
She doesn’t work hard for beauty because things are already beautiful.
She laughs. Hard. She’s been known to fall on the floor from laughter.
She works hard and steady and gets a lot done.
She wakes up early.
She knows when to rest.
She doesn’t force anything.
She’s always moving, always traveling. She brings home with her.
She despises routine.
Her church is outside. The woods, the air, the sun, the rain.
There is no hard outer shell. It’s all there, exposed. And that is her strength.

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