There she was. Tall and open.
She said, Come outside with me.
Remember when you were younger, before the change.
You came into the woods.
Remember how it soothed you?
Let’s walk.
Scurrying squirrels.
Look up. See the blue sky peaking through the trees? See the way it lights up the leaves on the forest’s floor?
Sit here. At the base of this tree. Lean back onto it. Feel the bark rooting into your back.
Do you smell the dirt? The rotting leaves?
Quiet. Full of energy.
Do you taste the dampness?
A blanket.
The answers are here. She says there are no answers.
She laughs.
Limitless. Up through the sky, down through the earth. Into the Heart.
Chin up and let it come in.
Let it settle you.
And then dance with it.
She gives and gives and gives, without expectation.
It’s all there for the taking. There’s the giving, and then there’s the exchange.
Even the fallen branches play a part.
Dance with the people before you and all those that come after you.
Feel the strength, the rising up into the sky and the grounding down into the earth.
You are as fragile as that wet, ripped leaf.
You are as strong as that rock.
Love it all.

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