I love bread.
But I really love toast.

First, bread.
Sourdough bread, the kind of bread with all the seeds in it, soft bread, chewy bread, Wonder bread, the single loaf of generic bread on that dirty shelf at the gas station.

Enriched white flour. Yes.
Whole grains? Yeah, I guess so.
Gluten free bread? No.

Toast it.
Don’t leave it in the toaster for too long. Really think about what number you set the dial to. 4? Always look at the dial because sometimes your kids fiddle with it because they think they know more about toast than you do.

Oh the smell. That beautiful smell. I breathe in the gluten and let it give me life.

It popped.
Please God let it be the perfect shade of brown.

When deciding what to put on the toast, the only mistake you can make is to not put anything on the toast.

Peanut butter.
Butter, then jelly or peanut butter.
Butter, then cinnamon and sugar.
Avocado. (Don’t forget the salt.)
Tomatoes can go on toast.  I recommend you always add cheese when you decide to go this route. Same applies to any vegetable. (I also recommend sitting down and taking a moment to think about if you really want to put vegetables on your toast. We only have so much time on this Earth and we don’t want to waste it.)

Google “things to put on toast” and realize when it comes to toast, anything is possible.

Eat the toast.

Toast loves me no matter what.

Sometimes I notice there’s a pool of butter on my toast and it is in those special moments I think all is right in the world.

I always eat the crust first. Sometimes, I’ll just cut the crust off because if I leave it on and eat right to the edge of the crust, my cheeks get messy.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind getting messy for toast. I just have to try to be clean, like if I’m at a restaurant for example.

Toast is a way to appreciate the present moment.

Once, someone tried to take a piece of my toast. Tried to take it right off of my plate. My husband told me I should be nicer since he was only 3 years old. I said he has to learn at some point and the sooner the better.

Toast is like a warm, breezy summer night. If only all nights could be like this, right? If only all food could be like toast.

This concludes my thoughts on toast and why it is important in my life.  Thank you for reading.

Toastfully yours,

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