Just This

Over-thinking is my jam. It’s what I do. I think it’s because I have undiagnosed ADD brain.

Well, shit, there I go again. I am literally thinking about my overthinking.

A friend asked me yesterday – What am I doing with this blog? And there I went, off over-thinking, once again.

And then, I listened to a podcast where Tony Robbins said – “The How is not as important as the What or Why.” Oh god, now I have to figure out my What and Why!

So, when I woke up this morning, after a good nights sleep, I sat here with the intention of “figuring this out.”

And then I was reminded – hello! Think, McFly! This was the whole point of the book you just read and decided you were going to base your whole life around and wrote yesterday’s blog post about! No more trying to figure things out!

Your mind is so powerful. You have to reign it in. Keep reminding it, I am in charge here, Mind. Separate your true self from it. Deep down you know the answers. So this morning, I said to my mind, “I am the boss of you, Mind!”

In How to be Here, Rob Bell suggests that when you are feeling overwhelmed, say to yourself, “Just this.” I also like to go outside and look up. Looking up at the sky reminds me of how small we really are.

He says, you always know your #1. You always know that next right thing you need to do. My #1 is to sit at the computer, in the quiet, and write a simple blog post about being in the present moment.

So that’s what I did.

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