Tuesday, January 19, 2021

One of those days where you just feel off. I think it’s something in the air. Normally spacey me became twice as spacey. I’m getting better at accepting these days happen. Old Pam would’ve beat up on herself.

Wes is back in school after the long weekend, Charlie still doing school from home. Our town is waiting until the Christmas case surge comes down before in-person school resumes.

I was walking today and heard kids’ voices in the distance. It startled me because I rarely meet others on that trail. And we’ve been pretty secluded for the last month and haven’t seen too many people. But something about those sounds was so carefree. I think that’s why it seemed startling to me. And that just makes me sad. I’m hoping all our kids can get back to being carefree around one another soon.

I also heard what sounded like a cat in the woods just off the trail. Sometimes creaking trees can make similar sounds. But no, this was definitely not a tree. I know whatever it was is likely more scared of me so I did lots of loud clapping and yelling to make sure this creature knew to keep their distance.

Just as I was getting home, it started to spit snow. Just for 20 minutes or so. When it stopped, there was a warm sunset over the hill.

Tomorrow our country will have a woman as Vice President. That’s a very big deal.

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