Friday, January 22, 2021

I live next door to my brother and we have an underground dog fence that connects our two yards. So that means, when Gracie and McFly see Jenna (their canine cousin) outside, they want to go out and play. If they aren’t outside already, Jenna will peak in our door or window. Where are you guys? It’s lonely out here! Gracie and Mcfly aren’t as active as Jenna. They’ll play and then decide it’s time to come back in and relax by the fire. Sometimes Jenna comes in too and stays a while. The three dogs take over our living room.

I’ve been playing around with TikTok since the pandemic started back in March. It’s fun and silly and it makes me feel young. My kids call me a boomer and cringe, but oh well. I see them laugh. They can’t fool me.

Christian made ribs tonight and they were yummy. I even snuck some barbecue sauce on the side. He’s been cooking more and that is a good thing. He swears a lot in the kitchen though.

My dad’s friend stopped by the farm today and we talked for a while. He’s been gone for a year and a half now. Crazy. We miss him. All of us miss him.

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