Friday, February 12, 2021

Another tough day. The day started hopeful, but I lost it. I feel like this is typical though – when I bottom out, it does take a few days to come back. It’s okay.
I want to share something I wrote this past summer during a class with my teacher, coach and friend Lauren Sapala. (She’s actually offering that same class again – it’s called YOU Are a Writer. You can find her at

When you were born, you were just as we planned.
Healthy body, free mind
Open heart
Wide open
A direct connection
That was the plan all along.
The light was flowing in and out, freely and abundantly.
We know you understand this because you see it in the photos.
You were a child full of light. It came to you easily and flowed through you and out to others>
It was truly something to behold.
We know you understand because you see this in your own child.
But let me show you.
Imagine a beautiful shining light in a human body put there to bring Love to all who encounter it.
Imagine for a moment what happened when, without you intending, the light shined on what they didn’t want to see.
This must have been so confusing for you, my sweet light-filled child.
They made you think there was something wrong with you when the truth was,
It was all
It was our plan to make you a vehicle for the light right from the start. When you stopped taking it in – yes, we know, that was the only way you knew how to deal with it – you stopped allowing the light to grow. You stopped feeding it.
And because we made you the way that we did – a light magnet – you’ve been able to still send out light without taking much in.
That’s pretty amazing.
But you don’t have to work so hard to do this, to put out light. You simply have to lessen your grip on the hose.
When you let it in, it doesn’t just pass through you out, it grows within you.
That is your power.
It grows exponentially within you.
We’ve been here all along. We knew this day would come, when you would see.
The really cool thing about the time you’ve spent tucked away is that you’ve been shaped like a gemstone. The light now comes out of you in a multi-faceted way.
It stuns us.
Your time away actually made you more powerful that that angel light-filled child born years ago.
It’s a beautiful thing for all of us to see.
You are an alchemist.
That was the plan all along.
And we are all so happy to see you here.

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