Monday, March 22, 2021

Writing every day like this is so interesting.

Sometimes, something comes up during the course of the day and I think, well that would be cool to write about. But once nighttime comes, the excitement of the idea fizzles out.

Sometimes I am so mentally tired that I just want to zone out and not make the effort to sit at my desk.

Sometimes the day is very busy and I feel so all over the place that when it’s time to sit down and write I absolutely cannot focus. (That was today.)

Sometimes things happen during the day that I really want to talk about here, but I can’t because it’s very personal. Or, it involves another person and I don’t want to share things that aren’t mine to share.

Sometimes I want to sit down and complain about how hard things are.

Sometimes I’m excited about the possibilities I can see for myself and I want to write something about that. But I talk myself out of it because I’ve been doing this long enough to know that tomorrow I likely will have lost that feeling.

Sometimes I over think what I want to write.

Sometimes I under think it. (Those seem to be the most well received posts.)

And sometimes I sit and stare at the blank screen and say, I have no idea what to write. I stare at that blank screen until a sentence comes. And then I just go with it. One sentence after another. And that’s what I just did here. It feels very interesting, for sure.

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