Friday, January 8, 2021

Day 5 of the sugar detox. I knew I shouldn’t ask. But I asked anyway. “Christian, how much weight have you lost?” He looked at me and I knew what was coming by the look on his face. “Six pounds.” Six f’ing pounds . This gal has lost one. It’s just. not. fair.

A haircut with my hair stylist who has turned into a friend. I’ve been seeing her for almost nine years. I so appreciate our conversations. We go deep.

As I turned the corner on the trail today, I spotted a young deer, just about twenty feet ahead of me. I gasped. He looked at me and ran off, fluffy white tail bouncing through the trees. I chased him and yelled out to him. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it didn’t matter because he didn’t listen.

There is a weird limbo thing happening right now in the U.S. New president in two weeks. An impeachment? Most Covid-19 cases in a one day ever. Vaccinations not happening as fast as they could be. It feels as if we’re going forwards and backwards at the same time.

Better days are coming.

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