Sunday, January 17, 2021

Today was a two movie day! Hook and The King of Staten Island. Two movies full of heart and I loved them both.

Christian took the boys for a hike. I stayed home and enjoyed the quiet house. Crazy to think we’ve been all in the house together, for the most part, for ten months. I’ve also decided Sunday will be my purposeful lazy, don’t ask me to do anything day. A day of rest.

No walk today. But I did go out and sit in the woods for a bit. A squirrel peaked out at me from behind a tree. He (or she) wasn’t expecting a random human sitting there. I’m going to get more strategic in my sitting in the woods. My brother said he spotted a buck yesterday. We see lots of deer, but very few with antlers.

Christian’s mom sent us a few photos she found of us from about 20 years ago. They look like they were taken right before we were married. It made me think – oh man, we had no idea.

The ritual of writing like this every evening has inspired me to write more. Imagine that. I have lots of ideas. Trying to sort them out. I may start posting other pieces in additional to these daily posts. Hey, why not?

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