Saturday, January 16, 2021

It rained all morning. On my way to the grocery store, the car was quiet except for the rain hitting the roof. It was comforting. It made me remember being in the backseat of my mom’s station wagon.

The brook was raging today, full from the night’s rain. I passed a tree the beavers had tried to get down. They gave up halfway through. When they first chewed into it 3ish years ago, the wood was raw and you could see the brilliant pattern of teeth marks. Now the light wood has turned dark.

It’s a gift to see the changing seasons on that trail. Right now, it’s shades of brown and gray and feels very open. In a few months, you’ll start to see new fiddleheads popping. And pretty soon after that, the ferns will be full. The trail will be very narrow and the forest will be lush, cozy and full of green.

My mom bought an adult scooter. Ever seen one? It’s made by the Amish. I told her she needs a helmet. I’m sure you’ll see a photo of this in a future journal post.

Thomas and Henry came over tonight around dinnertime. Wes has figured out how to mirror his phone onto the TV screen. The comedy of the night was Wes putting Snapchat filters on all our faces and presenting his creations on the TV. Silly laughter is the best.

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