Friday, January 29, 2021

There’s something I do that I think may be annoying. When it’s really cold out, I can’t help but say things like It’s so cold. and Man, it’s cold outside. I say it over and over again. I do the same in the summer when it’s really hot. It’s hot outside. and Man, it’s hot. I always notice I do it and it doesn’t stop me. It actually amuses me and I just enjoy going with it. Christian is not a fan.

It’s been hard to focus this week. I’m feeling really spaced out.

Today, I was introduced to the self-compassion work of Kristen Neff. You know when you feel like you’ve found a missing puzzle piece? That’s the feeling I have about this. I encourage anyone who is really hard on themselves to check out her work.

I went out for two shorter walks today because, guess what? It was so cold. The second walk would’ve been longer but I met a coyote. Yup. I heard it first and then spotted it up ahead. We stared at each other for a bit. I said “Shit” out loud. It was kind of like, Well, shit. What should I do? And not, Oh, shit! He/She broke the stare went up over the hill away from me. The trail headed up that way so I opted to take the short cut back home. On the shortcut, I realized the tracks I had been seeing in the snow weren’t actually dog tracks – there were no human tracks next to them. Wild.

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6 thoughts on “Friday, January 29, 2021

  1. Do you ever ask the people around you if they are cold or hot, repeatedly? I always say, I’m so cold, it’s 8 degrees!! Are you cold? I’m cold! Are you? I totally understand when you say you can’t stop!

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  2. Ooh I love Kristen Neff’s work !!
    I do the hot/cold thing too, only I suspect my version of “it’s SO cold” would start in a remarkably different set of numbers to you 🙂

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