Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Maybe it’s easier to think about magical thinking in terms of what it isn’t.

It’s not dropping all your sensible thinking and living in a land of fairy tales. It’s finding a fairy tale in the everyday.

It’s not ignoring life and all of it’s responsibilities. It’s making a life full of responsibilities bearable.

It’s not pretending that what’s happening in the world isn’t really happening. It’s being in the midst of an imperfect world and using the magic to help you accept it.

When I was in my depression, I know that I had forgotten about magic.

There’s something I can do, in my mind, that makes being human easier.
That makes being human feel fun and light.
There’s something I can do to make it feel like freedom.
And that’s magical thinking.

Bear with me, I need a few more days to figure out where this is going. It’s like I have to find a fun little corner in my brain but I have to get through the damn house of mirrors to get there. What a tricky little fun house my brain is.

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