Thursday, February 18, 2021

This morning I spent some time taking care of some annoying paperwork. Charlie slept in. Wes went out sledding.

I had the first session of a new class I’m taking. The class is called Cultivating Inner Warmth Through the Skill of Self Compassion. My friend Clare is teaching. ( My insides can be a cold tundra full of very mean thoughts blowing at myself. Check out Clare’s work, she is offering something really beautiful and much needed. I am so glad to know her.

Wes has been watching Cobra Kai from the beginning again with Thomas and Henry. I attempted to show Henry the Karate moves I’ve learned by watching the show but I forgot Henry takes Tae Kwan Do. He got me good.

Charlie gets to start back with in person school next week since the covid numbers have been falling to a more manageable level in town. He’s happy.

I’ve decided to take my thinking about magical thinking off line. I found that the last few days trying to write about it was very difficult. So I said to myself, Pam, here you go again making things hard. And then I said, Pam, look at the little note that you have up on your cork board. It says Keep it light.

Sometimes I forget that I am in charge here. I can write anything I want to. But one of those mean thoughts blowing around in the cold tundra of my mind says this – YOU ARE SO FLIGHTY. YOU ARE ALWAYS TRYING DIFFERENT THINGS AND PEOPLE AREN’T GOING TO WANT TO READ WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN. THEY’LL THINK YOU’RE A WEIRDO. So I said to myself, Pam you ARE a weirdo. That’s one of the best things about you. And then I said, Well, shit Pam, you’re right.

I love you guys. Thanks for reading along.

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