Friday, February 19, 2021

It’s been snowing off and on all day today. I looked ahead at the weather and it’s going to start to warm up a bit. That’s normal for this time of year. There’s rain on the horizon too which means we won’t have snow on the ground much longer. I was only outside for a bit today but I managed to see that it was the giant snowflake type of snowfall. That’s always really cool. It was only a few years ago I saw the giant snowflakes for the first time. I find that to be a little strange since I’m 44. How could I have never seen them before?

I spent some time today writing in my journal and going through some of my notes I’ve made over the last month. I always am reading some type of self help or spirituality book. I’m always trying to learn. Sometimes it feels like I hit a roadblock, or even go backwards. Sometimes it feels like I come upon a huge puzzle piece that I didn’t know I was missing. That’s what this last month has been for me. So, when that happens, I try to take my time and take it all in. I try to let it settle, even though my tendency is to want to learn more and more and fall back into Type A Pam.
The missing puzzle piece has been the self compassion. The quieting down that inner critical voice, and making the kind and warm voice louder. I have a feeling this is going to do wonders for me, in so many different ways. It already has helped.

I’m also excited to be starting to go through The Artist’s Way with a group of local creative friends. Just having a text thread to be able to reach out anytime about creativity and life and being human is such a huge thing for me. We aren’t meant to be alone. Connection is so important. We are made for it, aren’t we? It’s kind of the only thing that matters if you think about it.

Do you know Jason Isbell? He makes beautiful music. I follow him on Twitter. He’s funny as hell too. He tweeted something out a while ago and I saved it. This is what he said:
Artists: Stay sane. That’s it. That’s all you gotta do. We need you, so take care of your mind.

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