Saturday, February 27, 2021

Gracie was howling first thing this morning. When I checked on her, she was sitting on the front steps. She is the biggest scaredy cat/dog I have ever met. If she sees a big dog, she will bark but hide behind me at the same time. Anyway, when I went to let her in, I figured out there was a pack of coyotes howling across the street.

I waited a few hours until we were well into the daylight to go walking. The trail is a mess, half mud, half packed snow that’s melted and turned into ice. It’s cool to see the landscape of the woods change though. Just a few days ago, all you could see off trail was white. Now it’s more brown than white. In another month or two, green will start to appear. And a month or two after that the whole woods will be bright green.

The full moon is eerie tonight with all the fog. I so wish I knew how to take a real photo of the moon at night so you all could see. As we drove home, the moon was so bright and big and clear. I thought – We live on a planet. A planet that has a moon rotating around it. We live on a planet in space!

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