Saturday, March 6, 2021

Wes and I decided a few days ago to switch rooms, swapping my office for his bedroom. We let the idea simmer for a few days and went for it today. Eight hours later we are settled and I sit and type this in my new space upstairs. It’s dark out now, but in the daytime the view from my desk is the woods behind our house. This feels right.

Again, I feel like my body is showing it’s age. Tomorrow will be an entire body soreness situation. That’s fine because it’s Sunday and Sundays are for resting.

The weather for the week ahead will hit 60 degrees. Next weekend we put the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time. Spring is coming.

This photo is a card I was given a few years ago. I was a vendor at a Christmas market, selling my signs, and a man came into my booth. He read some of my work and told me he liked what I had to say. He pulled out this card and gave it to me. I’ve had it hanging at my desk ever since.

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