Sunday, March 7, 2021

This gal is tired. It seems like I’m bring that up a lot in my posts. I probably am. And that’s because writing these posts while tired is challenging. I’ve already written three different first paragraphs and deleted them all.

I watched the a beautiful movie this morning – Summerland.

I was up for the day at 2am, so I tried a nap. That didn’t work.

Wes and I watched Karate Kid 2. Gotta love Mr. Miyagi.

A quick shot of advice for those reading this today. Be careful who you take advice from. (Ha!) But seriously – No one knows what it’s like inside of you, except you. I have looked outside myself for so long. I honestly can’t even believe it sometimes. And now, I am at a place where I understand this – I always knew. I knew all along. I just didn’t see that. I thought others knew more than me, about me. So please, be careful of this. And don’t ever listen to me if I tell you what to do.

I read this today:
The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.
– Julia Cameron

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