Tuesday, January 5, 2021

I woke up and remembered a dream, which is rare. I was not a fan of this dream. Not at all. It had many layers, each of them a bizarro version of my biggest fears. Yuck.

Every morning, we let the dogs out and they are met by my dog niece, Jenna. She lives next door. And every morning it’s the same greeting, they run to each other like they haven’t seen each other in years. I imagine they are talking to each other, “Hey. Hi. Hi. What’s going on? What are we going to do today? You wanna go bark at deer? Oh ya. Ya, let’s do that. And don’t forget the squirrels. Yes! Squirrels! Squirrels! Squirrels!”

I spent the afternoon organizing and cleaning up my blog and social media accounts. Planning and thinking and dreaming.

I thought of my dad today. He loved wearing hats. All kinds of hats. But, he would just kind of rest them on top on his head. I would think, how are they staying on there? I thought of him today because I’ve taken to wearing my knit hat the same way. I kind of like it. Just enough to keep the top warm.

I read this today:
“The voice of the universe is everywhere. In the trees. In stars. In the air. In my heart. In my hair. Within.” – Jonna Jinton

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