Monday, January 4, 2021

Up early and coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. I seem to have got myself set up on a better sleeping schedule. I’ve been up at 4am for a while, now I’ve begun to make it to 5am. The first morning of detox and that meant almond milk in my coffee. Coffee with anything other than real half and half feels pointless.

Back to work today after Christmas break. Already placing orders for next year in the gift shop. (I work for my brother at his Christmas tree farm.) It was a stressful 2020, so it’s good to see him getting excited for 2021.

I gave myself a big old pat on the back when I opted for an end of day walk outside, over scrolling my phone on the couch. It was perfect, just what I needed. We have fresh snow on the ground from last night. It’s always cool to look for animal tracks after new snow. It’s a reminder of how many creatures there are around here that stay just slightly out of our view. Typically, it’s deer and coyote.

My mom’s been feeding the birds this winter. The ground feeders are wild when there’s new snow. As I left her house this morning, I noticed thousands of tiny bird foot prints. I’d never seen that before.

It was a pretty darn good, back to reality day.

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2 thoughts on “Monday, January 4, 2021

  1. What a great day!
    Bird footprints in the snow is such a wonderful visual
    Normal milk in my coffee tastes gross to me now.
    I’m an almond milk convert, keep at it,… even tho it seems a bit ‘ick’ right now xo

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